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Anonymous: You're captivating.

I’ve been gone for a while—difficult to believe anyone would still think this. Kind of you, though

Anonymous: let's have sex


Anonymous: u here


Anonymous: do u like weeds


Anonymous: u got a gf?



Map Monsters

For anyone still listening: I’m still here


Take the stairs
Anonymous: are you no one's type?

I’m sure I’m somebody’s type.¬†

Anonymous: hi! I like your page

that a very sweet thing to say t someone who doesn’t post regularly¬†

"And it made me understand: no matter what you do or make in life, it will be forgotten. And then people will just make it again and pretend that what you did never happened.

And, just as in any story about your cats, I realized that the subtext is: Cats are hilarious and I am dying, I am dying, I am dying.

From John Hodgman’s "Downton Abbey" With Cats

A Kiss To Build A Dream Onlive, Louis Armstrong

Lend me your chops for just a moment
and my imagination, will make that moment live
give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on